A mortgage review could save you thousands, paying off your debt faster

Whether it’s time to save money or release some equity we’ll do the legwork included in getting the best deal.

Why refinance my mortgage?Lending Calculators


Why refinance my mortgage?

A mortgage review could save you thousands in interest, allowing you to have some extra cash when you really need it. And it’s not only about getting a better interest rate, it’s about structuring the mortgage in the right way to support your current and future financial needs too.

Secure a lower interest rate

Switching to a new bank can help you negotiate a lower interest rate. The interest savings are for you to keep, or simply use towards paying off more of the home loan itself.

Pay off your home loan quicker

Having the right structure on your home loan may help you pay off the loan sooner than a bank’s standard 30-year loan term. Restructuring may allow you to pay the home loan quicker, saving thousands of dollars in interest repayments over the terms of the loan.

Access new home loan features

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may want to access bank products. These could be credit cards with home loan interest rates or offset facilities which combine the balances of your everyday accounts and subtracts these from the total owing on your mortgage, to reduce the interest you pay.

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Lending Calculators

We provide a range of mortgage calculators to help borrowers better understand their finances and how much they can borrow or save.

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Interest rates

We have strong relationships with all the banks, as we are in everyday contact with them we understand the better deal available (interest rate and cash back) for your situation.

This table compares the latest interest rates between the major banks. Remember a better structure to your mortgage is the quickest way to reduce the interest you pay, not the rate. We work with you to get the best rate and term to meet your goals.

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We enjoy great relationships with these banks offering you more options for your home loan

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