Business Loans

Small business loans to match your business needs

When you’re in business, having the right finance in place can mean the difference between thriving and surviving. Our customers enjoy flexible repayment options that work with business cash flow.

Small Business LoanCommercial Property

Small Business Loan

We are ready to help all business, medium or small.

Loans between $5K and $100K

Fixed term between 3 and 24 months

Fast application and decision

Funding possible in 24 hours

Minimum 6 months trading to apply

Interest rates based on your business circumstances

Commercial Property

We are ready to help to take the next step or to grow your 
commercial property portfolio.

Secure maximum loan approval

Business loans at home loan rates

High loan approval rates

Fast application and decision

Interest rates based on your business circumstances

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Why Lending Choice, is the right choice for you!

Our financial advice is FREE.

The role of a mortgage adviser is to acquire new business for the lender, and present them with a lending proposal acceptable to their guidelines. In turn, we are paid directly by the lender. In the rare instance, we are required by the lender to charge you a fee, we will let you know upfront.

We work with the 4 main banks, and 17 other lenders.

We have years of experience working in the main banks, and enjoy relationships with all the reputable lenders. Our team knows each lender’s criteria, and keeps up to date with the changing loan subtleties so we can provide you with not only the right loan to suit you and your required timeframes.

Treat people as humans, not numbers.

With banks moving to digital channels, we understand how are clients are feeling more frustrated with the banking system. We enjoy dealing with clients face to face to their individual story and assist with their personal and financial needs. We work with clients all over New Zealand, and utilise technology to do so effectively.

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